Anxiety Mastery Program


Anxiety GroupGroup Treatment is ideal in the treatment of anxiety disorders and has in itself many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Members learn that they are not alone
  • Members become an inspiration for each other
  • Follow-up with home assignments is made easier
  • Research has demonstrated that the closer one adheres to the cognitive-behavioral treatment protocol, the better the results
  • Groups are fun!

Many people want or need individual treatment. The methods described can be used when working either with individuals or groups. In individual treatment, some feel that they can more easily delve into more hidden or private aspects of what is troubling. Regardless of the reason for preferring individual treatment, when a client has this preference it is respected. However, whenever it is appropriate, I encourage clients to consider group treatment, because of the unique advantages it provides. For some clients, a combination of group and individual is the optimal choice and the AMP program provides that opportunity as well.