Anxiety Mastery Program


How and Why I Do This Work

Dr. Elke Zuecher-White at a professional workshop

Dr. Elke Zuercher-White at a conference

I am a licensed psychologist specializing in treating anxiety and related disorders. I believe in helping you gain flexibility in your life so that you no longer are controlled and pained by the excessive anxiety you experience. I strongly believe that everyone deserves to attain his or her full potential as a person and as a member of society and the community. I bring forth many years of experience and training in group and individual psychotherapy and feel passion for helping people with these disorders.

My training and expertise allow me to provide state-of-the art current treatments in the various disorders including agoraphobia, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder (chronic worry), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. If you are open to looking at things in a different way than you have and trying new behaviors, I will work with you and not give up on you!

Qualifications and Specialities

Professional Education: Doctorate, University of Louisville, KY

Board Certification (Licensure)// Note: I have voluntarily relinquished my licenses

  • Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners, 1322
  • Washington Board of Psychology, PY.60069310
  • California Board of Psychology, PSY6566

Board Specialty: ABPP, American Board of Professional Psychology with specialty in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Anxiety Disorders, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Treatment in Spanish


05/01/07: “The Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Behavior Therapy Institute, Parts I and II” by Obsessive Compulsive Foundation. (Part I on 11/15/00 & Part II on 05/01/07)

05/21/04: ABPP “Diplomate in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology” by American Board of Professional Psychology.

04/12/03: The Chair of the Chiefs of Psychiatry Award “For Excellence in Clinical Leadership. A Shining Light to Your Peers” by Robin A. Dea, M.D., Chair, Chiefs of Psychiatry.

04/06/01: CPQ “Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology” by Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

01/10/98: Certificate of Recognition for “Most Valuable Contribution to Psychology” by Regional Psychological Society (Kaiser Permanente).

10/17/95: Certified to Deliver an Effective Psychosocial Treatment for Panic and Related Disorders at the Highest Level of Proficiency by Psychosocial Therapeutic Systems. (Under the auspices of Dr. David Barlow.)

04/30/95: CGP Certified Group Psychotherapist by The National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists, Founder (affiliated with the American Group Psychotherapy Association). (Not actively maintained since 1-1-16.)


American Psychological Association
Anxiety Disorders Association of America // Terminating membership in mid-2018
International OCD Foundation // Terminating membership in mid-2018


I have presented numerous workshops, institutes, and seminars on panic, phobias, and other anxiety disorders in a variety of professional settings, in North and South America and Europe.

Professional Experience

07/81 – 08/08: Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Dept. of Psychiatry, South San Francisco, CA.
Individual and group psychotherapy, adults and children. Crisis intervention, hospital consultation. Supervision of residents and interns, mentoring colleagues.
1988 established the anxiety disorders program. 1998 – 2008 Chair, Anxiety Disorders Best Practices for Northern California Kaiser Region. Full-time.

10/85 – 08/08: Private Practice, Daly City, CA. Individual and group psychotherapy. Specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Part-time.

05/79 – 06/81: San Francisco City and County Mental Health Services, CA.
Psychotherapy with adults and children, psychodiagnostic testing, crisis intervention. Supervision of interns. Liaison and consultation with outside agencies. Full-time.

09/75 – 08/78: Langley-Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, University of California, San Francisco, CA.
Neuropsychological laboratory located at Napa State Hospital. Research Associate.
Research on auditory information processing (evoked potentials) in psychotic and normal adults and children. Chairperson of the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects at Napa State Hospital. Full-time.